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One of Maroz Diamonds’ many advantages is its contacts in the global diamond industry and the firm’s knowledge of the state of the various markets in which it operates. That allows us to source diamonds directly and enables us to provide competitively priced gems to our clients.

For Maroz Diamonds, the highest priority is service. That means providing diamonds precisely as requested.
In addition, we supply diamonds at a range of price points in order to give clients the largest range of options. We know customers need a full range of alternatives when it comes to diamonds, and our global sourcing capabilities enable us to do just that.

We supply a wide range of goods – from commercial-qualities up to high-quality – diamonds to customers all over the world, including dealers, brokers, wholesalers, jewelry manufacturers, jewelers and diamond retailers, off line as well as on line.

Our superbly manufactured diamonds are carefully selected for their beauty and quality and price
At all times, whether in stock or not, we are able via our wide-ranging contacts in the global diamond industry, to find the required diamonds quickly.

We provide complete confidentiality and loyalty to customers, knowing that this will ensure they return to us again and again.
Buying from Maroz Diamonds ensures P.O.M.G. – Peace Of Mind Guarantee – along with complete reliability, and loyalty, as well as consistently high service.

Special services

  • Trusted Local Partner –  Benefit from our 30 years of experience and contacts in the Israel Diamond Exchange to buy goods in the Israeli market.
  • Full Office Service – we provide the convenience and practical solutions in local services for our overseas clients
  • Drop-Ship service for web sites and e-Bay sellers. We send the shipments to the final buyer from our offices – saving you extra shipping costs.
  • Diamond ordering service – purchasing and collecting diamonds from the Israeli diamond center and shipping them to clients abroad.

The Maroz Top 100

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